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One of our flagship products causing a lot of excitement is a patented, award winning, super bright electroluminescent material known as Per’f-Alite Electric Vinyl. As thin as a credit card, this flexible, large sheet production luminescent light source provides a completely new, evolutionary way to backlight images whether they are digital camera images, digital copies of traditional artwork or original computer graphics and advertising displays.

It's thin flexibility means it can be convoluted to conform to many shapes, especially gentle curved spaces, round supporting columns and other areas where a non-bulky light source would be effective. Per’f-AlitePAT. Electric Vinyl can even be used to uniquely illuminate a floor with just about any image graphically possible.

Our expanding line of specialty products have set themselves apart as industry firsts that challenge the frontiers of 21st century computer aided design both in home decor and business applications, promotion, advertising and product display.

electroluminescent vinyl            

Your resource to ELECTRIC VINYLS : Per'f-Alite, Retro-Reflective, see through, vinyl products by Electric Vinyl Inc. FLAT LIGHT SOURCE of illumination, for backlit images, digital photography and back lighting commercial signs through electroluminescent (electro luminescent electroluminescence ) for indoor and outdoor LIGHTING for signs such as ADVERTISING, BILLBOARDS, bus shelter posters, ambient LIGHT for Home Decor and amazing virtual SkyLights giving rooms a sense of being under a Sky Light.

e·lec·tro·lu·mi·nes·cence ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-lktr-lm-nsns)
Direct conversion of electric energy to light by a solid phosphor subjected to an alternating electric field.

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UPDATED January 27th, 2017